The Continental Drift is an events company. We work to unpack the commercial implications of policy and current events for businesses - both in the UK and abroad.


Don Levett - Managing Director

The author of It Took Another Riot, Don has previously worked producing financial events for Euromoney. He has also been an analyst at a strategy consultancy, at private equity firm 3i, and at a turnarounds investment firm. He has written on policy for the Evening Standard and the Independent. He is an Associate Editor at Mergers & Inquisitions, an angel investor in biotech startup Synthace, and a careers mentor for UCL. 


Palash Davé - Director

Having founded and, for three years, programmed The Economist's series of public talks events around Britain and Europe, Palash has written for The Economist, Guardian, Telegraph, Independent, Times, Evening Standard and New Statesman. He is also the producer of critically-acclaimed documentary 'Hitch Hike' about Christopher Hitchens, and has worked as a Vice President of the Hay-on-Wye Festival.


David Wilkinson - Analyst

Studying economics at King’s College London, David is a Partner at internet marketing agency Oaven and volunteers in a consultancy capacity at Europe’s largest HIV/AIDS charity. He has written for the Independent, and has been featured in the Evening Standard as a 'Londoner to watch in 2014'. His interests include cyber-intelligence, digital economies, financial markets and LGBT rights.


Sean Ericson - Analyst

Studying his masters in international development at the London School of Economics, Sean holds a degree in marketing and psychology from the University of South Florida. He previously worked at Thismoment, Inc., a digital marketing provider in New York's advertising industry. He has led a number of community initiatives in support of vulnerable youth and serves as the fundraising coordinator for a volunteering brigade to Ghana.  


Kieren Mollison - Analyst

A recent graduate from Warwick University with a BA in Politics, Kieren's interests include European politics and the history of the welfare state.

Recently in his spare time he organised the successful preselection campaign of an aspiring Parliamentary candidate.